The Accelerator allows you to override the default “POPUP” toolbar within a DataGrid by specifying your own custom CommandBar to appear in its place.

The command bars (I.E. Commands groupings that show up: When expanding the menus for File/Tools/Navigator/etc; When you right-click a record; In the header of a DataGrid, etc) are each defined in the “Command Bars” module in our maintenance:

Command Bars in Maintenance

All command bars are assigned a type:

  • TOOLBAR – Meant to be displayed as a list, visible at all times. An example of this is the Commands in the header of a DataGrid.
  • MENUBAR – Meant to be displayed as a dropdown, visible when the menu button is clicked. An example of this is the “File” menu at the top of the system window.
  • POPUP – Meant to be displayed as a list, visible when right-clicking on a single record. An example of this is the context menu displayed when right-clicking inside of a DataGrid.

Since Command Bars are just a group of commands, you’ll first need to create a new Command Bar specifically for the right-click menu in the grid. Name the Command Bar whatever you want, but ensure that the “Type” is “POPUP”. We will link this to the module shortly, though this must be done from the Modules window.

Next, add the Commands to the Command Bar. Each Command Bar record has a “Command Elements” tab that contains the list of commands in the command bar. A full list of Commands is available in the “Commands” module (also visible in maintenance). Note that you can always add a new command to the system if you need to define a new user operation.

Command Bar's Command Elements

Now that we’ve created the command grouping and populated it with commands, we need to tell the system where and when to display it. To accomplish this, we need to navigate to the “Modules” window and link the command back to the right-click menu. In the “Modules” window, find the relevant module and go to the “Command Bars” tab.

Here, you can use the QuickAdd to add your new Command Bar to the module. Use a command bar location of “Module” (this is a module-level command that applies to all grids for this module), then choose your command bar from the “Command Bar” field. Lastly, select “Replace Higher Level Toolbars”, as we want your new command bar to be the only one providing commands to this menu.

Quick Add Command Bar

Once everything has been entered, hit “Add” to link the Command Bar to the module. Because you specified “POPUP” during command bar creation, the command will automatically be added as a POPUP command bar. When right-clicking, only your new list of commands should appear.