Once a blank SQL database has been created for use with Accelerator you will need to configure it with the proper structures before you begin development.  We have made the process of getting up and running with a demo system named EasyBuy as simple as running just a few scripts.

Use a browser and download the EasyBuy Database Scrips from our server:


Download User: surround1
Download Password: tech#2

When you unzip this file, you will see the EasyBuy Schema and 5 scripts which contain the Data we will use to configure the database for use with the EasyBuy demo system.

In SQL server Management Studio, you will need to run the following Scripts in this sequence:

EasyBuyDev_Schema.sql – EasyBuy Database Schema
EasyBuyDev_YD1C.sql – Customer Data
EasyBuyDev_YD1O.sql – Order Data
EasyBuyDev_YD1P.sql – Product Data
EasyBuyDev_YD1S.sql – Shipping Address Data
EasyBuyDev_YD1I.sql – Order Item Data

Simply open each file by double clicking it and running in SQL Management Studio one at a time and select “Execute” from the SQL Management Studio toolbar.