Before you can deploy a WPF system to IIS, please refer to the topic Configuring Deployment Scripts to create a deployment package.

Once you have a deployment package, you can copy the package to your IIS server.  Since the Accelerator can create a package for multiple Environments, we recommend the following folder tree and naming standard:

  • Create a Folder in C:\inetpub\wwwroot
    • The folder should be named as follows: {System}{EnvironmentID}
    • In the {System}{EnvironmentID}, create 2 folders: A4DNServices and BPServices
      • The A4DNServices will contain the Accelerator Services and the BPServices will contain your services as well as the WPF installer folder.
  • This is what is should look like for each Environment:
    • {System}{EnvironmentID}
      • A4DNServices
      • BPServices
        • Installer
  • In IIS management, you will need to convert to application both the A4DNServices and BPServices folder.

Once the Package is on the server, all you need to do is unzip it and copy the contents of BPServices to the BPServices in the correct {System}{EnvironmentID} folder. The BP services folder has both the BOS code and the WPF click once installer.

You can now click on your desktop icon to receive the update if previously installed or use the installer URL for first time installation.

Refer to WPF Click Once Deployment - Setting Minimum Required Version Automatically if you want to force your users to upgrade when a new version is available.